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This service is for those couples who have made it through the process of planning their own wedding with or without the help of a professional planner. It is always my recommendation to clients that if they are on a tight budget they should at the very least leave room for a Day of Coordinator as your peace of mind will be worth every single dollar.

A Day of Coordinator differs from a Partial or Full-Service Wedding Planner in that a DOC will be your life saver come the day of your wedding. This coordinator handles all of the details of the wedding day, allowing you (as well as your family and friends) to fully relax and enjoy the day without having to worry or stress about any wedding related details.

When you hire a Day of Coordinator, you are usually hiring them a month or so in advance of your wedding day and they coordinate all of the logistics of the day making sure that every detail you have spent months planning is executed precisely as you have envisioned it.

Day of Coordination Service Includes: (Approx 20 Hours of Service)

  • Planning call three to four weeks prior to the wedding day
  • Review of all your contracts to understand who will be doing what and when
  • Review your venue space and discuss with you how you envision the space on your wedding day,    and work with the venue and its coordinator to execute those plans.
  • Creating a day-of Timeline
  • She/he will be the point of contact for all of your vendors and will coordinate all of the arrival times as well as set up and breakdown and provide them with a detailed itinerary so that everyone is on the same page and they express any issues to him/her and not the bride or groom
  • Prepare a Rehearsal dinner schedule and run you through the processional lineup so everyone knows where they need to be and when.
  • Prepare and disseminate a list of duties for the Maid of Honor / Best Man as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen for the day of the wedding so everyone is on the same page and knows the order of events.
  • Making sure your transportation is on time and gets you and your guests to where they need to be promptly
  • Check in with the Bridal Party the morning of to make sure they have everything they need and come to the coordinator with any issues that may arise and not the bride or groom
  • Make sure that all of the florals including bouquets boutonnieres and corsages arrive on time and distribute to the wedding party and help pin them
  • Help round up the wedding party and family members for pre-wedding photos and after-wedding photos and call out names for those who will be in the next picture for the photographer to keep the flow going and capture as many shots as possible
  • Ensure that the ushers/groomsmen arrive on time and are ready to pass out programs and show them how to properly escort guest to their seats
  • Ensure the ceremony musicians are on time and direct them where to set up, confirm music selections and cue them when to start and stop each piece of music
  • Direct the wedding party through the ceremony so everyone is sure to be where they are supposed to be and lined up accordingly during the processional and recessional
  • Keep track of the marriage license, and rings
  • Keep the bride and groom informed as to how much time they have left prior to the start of the ceremony and reception events
  • Help light candles, makes sure favors and place cards are set properly according to your seating arrangements chart
  • Check with the caterer to make sure all of the food has been prepped and ready for the cocktail hour and reception
  • Make sure the DJ has the correct pronunciation of wedding party names and knows what songs you want played and when you would like them to be played
  • Confirm the setup of the gift table, guest book, cake table and all rental items
  • Help escort guests to dinner and help them locate their escort card and tables after the cocktail hour
  • Signal the parents, best man and maid of honor when it is time for the toasts and alert the catering staff to pour the champagne
  • Make sure that the bride and groom have eaten and will arrange for to go boxes as well
  • Distribute gratuities to vendors and staff
  • Help pack all of your belongings at the end of the evening (cake topper, food plates, cake serving tools, champagne glasses, décor and gifts) making sure they leave with a designated person to their final destination
  • If you are staying at a hotel following the wedding reception, your coordinator will make sure it has been set up for a romantic evening prior to your arrival
  • Coordinate reception departure transportation
  • Prevent and resolve any problems that may arise during the event

Remember, a Day of Coordinator is much different than the coordinator that the reception venue may include in their package and some venues actually require that you hire at minimum a Day of Coordinator.

Your reception venue coordinator only coordinates food, beverage and contract details. This person does not wrangle your family for photos, call vendors who may be running late, or assist the bridal party with any missing items. A Day of Coordinator works only for you and ensures that every single one of your details are brought to life.

If you want to be able to spend your wedding day enjoying your time with friends and family rather than worrying about missing tuxedo shirts, vendors stuck in traffic, lights needing to be dimmed, cueing all wedding professionals, checking floor plans and décor placement, and the timing of all the activities, then a Day of Coordinator is a must have for anyone getting married.

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